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Helping you with Communication & Marketing

  • https://www.linkedin.com/company/proofpact/
  • Grove City, Ohio, US
  • Community
  • https://proofpact.com/

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    Communication & Marketing

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    Communication & Marketing

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Proofpact was built specifically for nonprofits with social proof in mind. Nonprofits shouldn’t be forced to use for-profit tools that turn constituents into critics when asking for reviews. Rather, nonprofits need stories. The process to collect stories can be similar to how for-profits collect reviews but the user experience has to be built for donors, volunteers, staff, and even clients served.

Proofpact is a customizable plug-and-play storytelling tool for nonprofits that rallies supporters by giving them the opportunity to share their stories at the right time. In just a few clicks, meet your supporter’s expectations and take your community with you on the journey.