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  • Fundraising

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The intended beneficiaries of this project are children, youth, adults and Pregnant mothers, in most populated populated settlements and are rural areas where full knowledge about covid, safety measure, preventive measures such as vaccination are not yet fully understood. the major reason for this project is to have as much as many people be vaccinated to the total of atleast 5000 at minimum. this will be achieved through media sensitization through workshops, trainings, village to village , family to family campaigns and motivation for candidates of vaccination.

Project Details:

A solution will know they're the right ones to help with the project, if our description is somehow inline with their goals and objectives and or if their interest is in the fight against Covid 19. in the sub Saharan Africa. Or if its their desire to have as many people as possible be Covid Vaccinated.

Poster Information:

Published 27/06/2023 by Kizito Binga
Recompense Foundation For The Poor
Briefcase Executive Director
Map Zambia
Chart< $50,000

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Target: Feb-24-2024

Published 20/09/2023

Come have coffee with soul .

  • Fundraising
We would like to host several big coffee and business buyers in Costa Rica family farm that we have. We will bring our indigenous artisan in to give demonstration of the wonderful things they make in Latin America and what we are needing to have invested to help them.
Posted by Valerie Soulgives Company

Target: Jul-15-2023

Published 14/07/2023

Fundraising for needy children

  • Fundraising
As the CEO of lecobos charity foundation I need support for the needy children to give them a better life.
Posted by MUKISA Lecobos charity foundation

Target: Jul-10-2023

Published 29/06/2023

Homeless to Homes

  • Fundraising
Create living spaces for the houseless population while treating mental health
Posted by Bishop Judah Worship Center