Join us for an enlightening webinar on the future of nonprofit financial management. While many nonprofits still rely on outdated desktop financial systems, analog processes, and paper checks, we are on the cusp of a revolution comparable to the shift from paper ledgers to computer systems in the early ’90s.

At the heart of this transformation is the integration of AI technology. From streamlining resource gathering to enhancing email communications, and even revolutionizing your accounting processes through powerful plugins connecting Zapier to QuickBooks, the possibilities are limitless.

But that’s not all; we’re excited to introduce you to Relay, the modern banking solution that complements this AI-driven revolution. With Relay, you can gain full control over your organization’s bank account, create accounts or debit cards for your staff, and effortlessly grant access to the right team members, whether it’s your part-time bookkeeper or marketing coordinator, all from a single platform.

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