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Enhancing gender programs in maize value chaine development to increase the rural farmers’income

Iam fundraising my project to ensure that i raise that amount so that i can save the poor farmers’ and be able to meet their basic needs including the aspect of educating their children in future to have better life.

Fundraising for needy children

Through fundraising I am very sure children’s lives will be changed

Homeless to Homes

Providing resources to create this project including but not limited to building materials, construction workers, counselors and employers


A solution will know they’re the right ones to help with the project, if our description is somehow inline with their goals and objectives and or if their interest is in the fight against Covid 19. in the sub Saharan Africa. Or if its their desire to have as many people as possible be Covid Vaccinated.

SoulGives adopt my children of disabilities in Cozumel

These children will not have to share walkers and equipment at school. The parent can have the appropriate equipment for these children to walk and play . They can have toys for them to play !!

The people who wish to fundraise me

According to how I have describe my self and how I want to save people’s lives .

SizabantuThusang moves

To create more jobs for youth reduce the amount of crime

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Increase corp matching gift revenue

There aren’t that many people on my team, so we need some ideas that take little to no ongoing management. Our donors aren’t used to hearing about corporate partnerships, so we need advice for broaching the subject with them. We have a budget for a paid tool.