This article explores some of the top mission-driven startups to keep an eye on.

Mission-Driven Startups: A Look at 14 Inspiring Companies

In a world driven by profit margins and bottom lines, a new breed of startups has emerged that seeks to make a difference beyond the balance sheet. These mission-driven companies place purpose at the heart of their business strategies.

They’re not just in it for profit; they’re on a mission to create positive societal change. From providing innovative fundraising software to insightful consulting services, mission-driven companies play a direct role in nonprofits’ ability to achieve their missions.

Since employees seek companies that give back, these types of businesses are becoming increasingly prominent. To illustrate just what these businesses are doing and why they matter, we’ll shed some light on mission-driven startups that focus on supporting nonprofits and associations. Our goal is to provide inspiration for your own mission-driven business and determine if impact investing can help fuel your company. 

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Now, join us in exploring some of the most inspiring mission-driven companies currently operating. Along the way, you’ll discover the incredible benefits of leading a business that is driven by a higher calling, one that extends its reach far beyond the boardroom and into the realm of social change.

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Our Mission-Driven Company

We have an inside perspective on mission-driven companies, and that’s because we are one! At NXUnite by Nexus Marketing, we provide a platform where brands and organizations within the mission-driven sector can collaborate, learn, and grow.

We act as a hub for the nonprofit community by providing the following:

This graphic summarizes the services our mission-driven startup offers to the nonprofit community.
  • Engaging Panels: Audience members can immerse themselves in thought-provoking panel discussions led by industry experts and influencers. These digital events share insightful perspectives on pressing issues, innovative solutions, and emerging trends. Meanwhile, our guest speakers have the opportunity to expand their audience and connect with other thought leaders.
  • Insightful Webinars: Led by mission-driven professionals, our webinars cover a range of topics, empowering attendees to stay ahead of the curve. Our presenters lead discussions on their preferred topics and craft presentations to share their valuable knowledge, all while cultivating a new audience through NXUnite.
  • Interactive Demo Days: We shine the spotlight on other mission-driven companies that provide services and products to nonprofits with demo days. Attendees can get a closer look at cutting-edge products and services designed to streamline nonprofit operations and grow their impact, while businesses can talk directly with potential customers.
  • Helpful Resources: We’re constantly creating educational resources for the mission-driven sector. Explore trusted solutions, stay up-to-date on industry events, and discover nonprofit podcasts to add to your library.

We even offer a Cause Coins system for our community, which they can redeem for rewards like discounts on technology and event tickets. Our audience earns Cause Coins by attending webinars, sharing NXUnite with their networks, and more, getting more eyes on our mission-driven business partners while encouraging nonprofit professionals to broaden their knowledge.

How We Make It Happen

We couldn’t do it alone! We work with Foundry for Good to make our mission-driven business viable. They’re impact investors who help mission-driven startups make their mark in the social good sector.

Powered by a team that understands nonprofits and mission-driven businesses, Foundry for Good isn’t just a springboard for for-profit companies. They strive to invest in ideas that can make a true impact. Here’s what their team brings to the table:

  • An instant network of 500+ companies in the mission-driven space
  • Marketing and partnerships to connect their partners with pre-established organizations and scale quicker
  • A range of services from content and inbound strategy to ongoing PR opportunities

We recommend chatting with their team to learn how their expertise can help your startup business or idea come to life. With a powerful team, expansive network, and innovative marketing strategies, they’ll make sure your business’s impact is felt.

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Mission-Driven Startups That Serve Nonprofits

The following mission-driven companies offer a wide range of services to nonprofits, covering areas such as technology, finance, governance, and marketing.

Double the Donation

Matching gifts are a powerful yet underutilized revenue source for nonprofits, and Double the Donation offers robust software to help nonprofits pinpoint match-eligible donors and drive matches to completion.

Backed by Double the Donation’s industry-leading software, 360MatchPro, nonprofits gain access to the largest and most up-to-date database of matching gift and volunteer grant information. Armed with the knowledge and tools to tap into matching gifts, nonprofits can break down giving barriers, determine donors’ eligibility, and raise more for their causes.

Double the Donation is a mission-driven company that provides matching gift software to nonprofits.

This mission-driven company provides customers with the following:

  • An embeddable employer search tool connected to a database of corporate giving guidelines from more than 24,000 companies
  • Matching gift auto-submission which automatically submits corporate match requests on donors’ behalf
  • Automated email streams to encourage donors to check their eligibility and complete their match requests
  • Integrations with other mission-driven software to simplify match identification and outreach

Nonprofits that use Double the Donation’s product can rest assured that they’re receiving the most up-to-date corporate giving information. Foundry for Good also works with this company to get the product in front of nonprofits and schools that could benefit from the power of matching gifts.


Digital greeting cards enable nonprofit organizations to connect with supporters and inspire action.
eCardWidget recognizes this and provides a digital greeting card platform, empowering mission-driven organizations everywhere to raise money, spread awareness, and do more for their missions.

This illustration depicts how nonprofits can use eCardWidget, which is eCard software from a mission-driven startup.

With their user-friendly eCard software, they offer the following to nonprofits:

  • Drag-and-drop design tools with customizable templates, graphics, and a variety of fonts and colors
  • Donation and selling capabilities, enabling organizations to sell charity eCards or offer them in exchange for donations
  • An address book, providing organizations with the email addresses supporters use to send and receive eCards
  • Scheduling capabilities to send eCards at the optimal time

As partners with Foundry for Good, eCardWidget is making a name for itself in the mission-driven sector. From thanking donors to raising money, eCards have so many uses for nonprofits. That’s why it’s easy to see why this mission-driven startup is making an impact.

Getting Attention

The Google Ad Grant is a great marketing resource for nonprofits. Getting Attention strives to help organizations make the most of the monthly advertising credits they receive through the program. 

Getting Attention manages the Google Ad Grant from start to finish for their nonprofit clients. When a nonprofit partners with this mission-driven startup, they can tap into the following services:

Getting Attention is a mission-driven startup that offers these Google Ad Grant services to nonprofits, detailed below.
  • Google Ad Grant applications to get up and running with the program
  • Ad creation backed by keyword research so nonprofits can connect with and inspire prospective supporters
  • Ongoing account maintenance to comply with Google Ad Grant rules and optimize performance
  • Google Grant reactivation if your account ever gets suspended

Getting Attention also works with Foundry for Good to spread awareness of the Google Ad Grant and connect with nonprofits who could benefit from their services.


BoardEffect delivers board management software for leaders of nonprofits, higher education institutions, community healthcare organizations, and credit unions. The flexible tools empower board members to collaborate, whether they’re in a meeting or between them. The platform offers tools for agenda creation, document sharing, board member engagement, and secure communication, all aimed at enhancing governance processes.

This mission-driven company was founded by a team of developers who have worked with boards for years, so they understand that board work can be complex but also highly rewarding. Today, they serve over 2,500 clients.


TechSoup delivers discounted and donated software, hardware, and technology services from various technical companies to nonprofits. They offer a wide range of technology resources, including software licenses, cloud solutions, and training sessions. This allows nonprofit organizations to leverage technology for social good while saving costs.

This mission-driven company’s goal is to help nonprofits, NGOs, and social impact organizations improve their operations, increase efficiency, and better serve their communities. They strive to “build a dynamic bridge that leverages technology to enable connections and innovative solutions for a more equitable planet.”

Nonprofit Finance Fund

The Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) provides financial consulting, loans, and advisory services to nonprofits to help them achieve financial sustainability. By strengthening nonprofits’ sustainability, NFF enables their clients to better serve their communities.

NFF provides financial expertise, tailored financial solutions, and a range of resources to improve nonprofits’ financial resilience. They contribute to a more equitable world by empowering mission-driven organizations to adapt and drive positive change.

Mission-Driven Startups That Serve Associations

Associations require unique technology and support to provide member benefits, manage events, offer educational programs, and more. Let’s explore several mission-driven companies that offer technology and resources to grow associations’ communities and deliver value.


ClubExpress firmly believes that community organizations are integral to society and seeks to take the drudgery out of running a club or association. The company helps club leaders create, manage, and sustain strong, vibrant organizations more easily with their internet-based system. Their association management platform offers membership management, event planning, website hosting, and communication tools, so these organizations can streamline operations and fulfill their missions.

Web Scribble

Web Scribble offers job board and career center solutions for associations to help members find employment opportunities within their industries. Rated as the #1 association career center platform, their career hub has posted more than 1.3 million jobs. This mission-driven business’s goal is to provide additional value to associations beyond traditional member benefits.


MultiView offers digital marketing and advertising solutions for associations to reach their audiences through online channels. This company understands that members look to associations to provide industry news, professional development opportunities, advocacy, and more. That’s why they offer services to keep up with those needs by boosting engagement, increasing visibility, and generating leads.

They’re powered by a team of editors who assist their clients by writing and curating relevant content for newsletters, sending event communications, and generally spreading the word about the associations that work with them. Trusted by more than 1,200 associations, this mission-driven company has made a name for itself.

Mission-Driven Companies That Provide Services

There’s more to powering nonprofits and associations than technology. Let’s explore some mission-driven companies that offer valuable services, expertise, and support to nonprofit organizations, helping them thrive, achieve their missions, and make a positive impact in their communities.

Nexus Marketing

Nexus Marketing is a different type of mission-driven company. They provide marketing solutions to brands powering social good and community impact. Through extensive SEO and content creation services, they connect businesses—whether they’re selling technology, consulting services, or something else—with the nonprofits they cater to.

Backed by a deep understanding of mission-driven audiences, Nexus knows what it takes to reach and inspire these businesses’ prospective clients. They help mission-driven startups grow brand recognition and gain a competitive edge through value-add services like:

This chart compares Nexus Marketing's services for mission-driven companies to other types of marketing companies.
  • SEO strategy, including conducting audits, keyword research, and ongoing website performance monitoring
  • Content creation, including creating keyword-optimized onsite content, guest posting opportunities, graphics, videos, and more
  • Lead generation and authority building, such as panels, presentations, and cross-promotional opportunities

Foundry for Good also powers this company, so clients gain direct access to a network of other mission-driven businesses, connecting them to nonprofits that need their services and technology.

BDO Nonprofit

BDO Nonprofit is a mission-driven startup specializing in audit, tax, and consulting services tailored to nonprofits. The company helps nonprofits navigate complex financial and regulatory landscapes, ensuring compliance and financial transparency. Their services assist nonprofits in managing money, enhancing governance practices, and optimizing operations.


BoardSource offers governance and board development services to nonprofit organizations. They provide training, resources, and consulting to help nonprofits strengthen their board leadership and governance practices.

BoardSource supports nonprofit organizations in achieving their missions, making it a mission-driven organization dedicated to social impact and positive change in the nonprofit community.

Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Nonprofit Marketing Guide is a training and coaching company that provides nonprofits with guidance and resources related to nonprofit marketing, donor communications, and content strategy. They offer tools and insights to help these organizations improve their marketing efforts and effectively communicate their impact to target audiences. This mission-driven startup puts nonprofits’ success at the center of their business model.

Wrapping Up The Discussion on Mission-Driven Companies

Mission-driven startups power the nonprofit sector. They prioritize supporting organizations with compelling missions to create positive change in addition to turning a profit.

If you need help bringing your company’s vision to life, we suggest working with impact investors like those at Foundry for Good. They can provide you with the capital and direction you need to make your impact felt.

Want to learn more about the mission-driven sector? Explore these curated resources:

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