Create standout marketing materials by learning the building blocks of fundraising flyers.

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Dating back to the invention of the Gutenberg Press, flyers are one of the oldest marketing assets around. Even in a world that’s driven by technology, they’re still used to promote worthwhile causes today.

While for-profit entities can certainly create flyers, this type of marketing is especially beneficial for nonprofits. Fundraising flyers have the power to promote your campaigns and amplify your mission to supporters on a more personal level.

Let’s explore the basics of fundraising flyers and how they can fold into your current marketing strategies.

What Is A Fundraising Flyer?

A fundraising flyer is a nonprofit marketing tool used to promote campaigns and events. Flyers share background information about the nonprofit, its cause, and how funds will be used. They also provide important logistical information, like the date, time, and participation details, so readers can get involved.

Beautifully-crafted fundraising flyers can catch prospects’ eyes and inspire them to contribute to your cause by communicating your campaign’s purpose and telling them exactly how to support your work.

Benefits of Fundraising Flyers

Flyers have been around for quite some time — and for good reason. They work! When you take the time to create an eye-catching design, they’re a fantastic addition to your marketing.

Some of the advantages of fundraising flyers are that they’re:

  • Informative and digestible. When you follow graphic design best practices, your flyers can communicate a lot of information in a way that’s not visually overstimulating for readers.
  • Great for digital and in-person marketing. While flyers are traditionally printed, you can kill two birds with one stone by creating a digital version and sharing it on social media and in your email newsletters.
  • Easy to disperse. You can easily distribute fundraising flyers to a wide audience. Mail them to supporters, post them on community billboards, and create a digital version to share online.

Put some thought behind your design and how you’ll share your flyers with supporters. In turn, you’ll drive a lot more people to get involved in your campaign!

What to Include In Your Fundraising Flyers

Depending on what you’re promoting with your nonprofit flyer, you’ll want to incorporate certain elements, such as:

  • Your nonprofit’s name, logo, colors, and other branded elements
  • The campaign name and branding
  • The date, time, location, and activities associated with the fundraiser
  • Entry fees or suggested donations, particularly if it’s an event
  • Your nonprofit’s contact information, such as your URL, email, and phone number
  • Eye-catching graphics that represent your cause
  • Captivating yet readable typography and colors
  • A call-to-action that tells readers whether they should donate, attend your event, or something else
Include these essential components in your nonprofit fundraising flyers.

Pairing must-know details with powerful graphics, colors, and typography will result in a cohesive design that tells prospects everything they need to know about your fundraising campaign or event!

Tips to Design Compelling Nonprofit Flyers

Once you nail down all the information you’ll include, put some thought into the actual design. After all, you want your flyer to stand out to people among crowded bulletin boards, busy inboxes, and social media feeds.

Create eye-catching designs with tried-and-true tricks like:

  • Create compelling graphics. Your graphics are what will draw readers in, so choose bold, striking images. Depending on what fits your brand, you might choose stock images or create more artsy graphics. Just make sure whichever visuals you choose directly relate to your campaign. For instance, a bake sale flyer might feature doughnuts, cookies, and other baked goods to entice readers.
  • Choose a striking color scheme. Kwala’s guide to nonprofit graphic design explains that effective colors and contrasts can make your artwork pop. Our eyes are naturally drawn to high-contrast designs, which might mean that you use bright splashes of color on dark backgrounds. Experiment with your colors and find combinations that pop!
  • Get creative with your typography. The design process is when you can let your creativity shine, but don’t go too wild with your fonts! Choose one or two that are readable yet still bold enough to catch people’s eyes. You can also choose different font sizes to draw the reader’s attention to key information.

Take this fundraising flyer for example. It reels readers in with a striking image, interesting typography, and a cohesive color scheme while also hitting the key details of the campaign.

Use this example fundraising flyer

The right information paired with thoughtful design can make a huge difference in your nonprofit’s flyers.

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