This guide goes over the different types of nonprofit jobs.

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For service-minded or mission-driven individuals, the nonprofit sector can be a very inspiring and rewarding industry to start their careers. There are many nonprofit jobs available for interested job hunters of varying skill sets and interests. To run a nonprofit efficiently, it’s important to examine and understand the impact of individual contributors.

What are nonprofit jobs?

Nonprofit jobs are paid positions for those who work for social-good organizations to further a charitable cause. Just like in other industries, these workers play a role in day-to-day operations, management, finance, communications, and much more. By collaborating across various teams, nonprofit employees can utilize their skills and education to support their organization’s mission.

What are the main types of nonprofit jobs?

There are four main types of nonprofit jobs.


Individuals that take management jobs in nonprofit organizations generally supervise the organization’s activities to ensure that it’s effectively moving toward its goals. These are some examples of management roles:

  • Executive director
  • Campaign manager
  • Foundation director
  • Volunteer manager

These individuals play a crucial role in helping nonprofits run smoothly. They deal with big-picture tasks that help their nonprofit progress in the right direction, and often leave the day-to-day responsibilities to others.

Administration, Finance, and Human Resources

From helping managers with their schedules to tracking the company’s finances to hiring new employees, these team members ensure the organization’s success by addressing the daily needs of coworkers and projects.

Some nonprofit positions in this area include:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Accountant
  • Human resources manager

The work of these nonprofit employees tends to be more behind the scenes, but they are essential to the day-to-day functionality of the organization.

Development and Fundraising

Jobs related to development and fundraising typically involve planning fundraisers and donor events, as well as acquiring the necessary funds to achieve the organization’s goals. Here are a few jobs that fall into this category:

  • Donor relations managers
  • Grant writers
  • Fundraising coordinators
  • Major gift officers

This area is extremely important for nonprofits, because donations are essential for nonprofits to achieve their goals and make progress toward their missions. While donor management and outreach are extremely important, fundraising professionals will also look at other ways of generating funds, such as through grants or by partnering with businesses.

Marketing and Communications

Employees in marketing and communications roles often work alongside the development and fundraising departments to spread information about the nonprofit’s mission, impact, upcoming events, and goals. Here are a few examples of nonprofit communications jobs:

  • Social media coordinators
  • Community outreach specialists
  • Marketing associates

These roles are responsible for attracting new supporters and donors, as well as making sure that current supporters and recurring donors are kept up-to-date on the nonprofit’s activities. Your donor communication should be thoughtful, transparent, and sent out regularly.

What other roles do nonprofit employees interact with?

Those who work in nonprofit jobs interact with a variety of stakeholders and constituents, such as the following:

  • Volunteers
  • Consultants
  • Businesses
  • Foundations

Connecting with these groups can be extremely beneficial for nonprofit organizations. For example, when a nonprofit’s leadership team isn’t sure what their fundraising strategy should be for a new year, they might hire a fundraising consultant to analyze their current plans and give them a more objective point of view. Or, if a nonprofit is looking for more funds, their grant writer might apply for a grant from a specific foundation.

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