Learn what nonprofit video production is and creating a video can benefit your nonprofit.

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As a nonprofit, you use every tool at your disposal to advocate for your cause and your community. From navigating new social media platforms to creating podcasts, your staff know how to innovate to get supporters’ attention. Nonprofit videos are one of the many creative methods you can use to market your organization to supporters and raise awareness of your mission. 

If you haven’t tapped into the potential of nonprofit video production yet, we’ll go over the basics of what it is and how videos can work for your nonprofit.

What is nonprofit video production?

Nonprofit video production is the process of creating videos for your nonprofit to use for marketing, often with the help of a video production company. 

You can create any type of video that aligns with your organization’s goals, from fundraising videos that promote a specific campaign to testimonial videos that feature the voices of your beneficiaries. By adding videos to your nonprofit’s marketing strategy, you’ll create long-lasting content that tells your story creatively and captures the attention of a wider audience. 

How can video production benefit your nonprofit? 

While producing a video does involve a significant amount of time and resources, there are plenty of benefits that make the process worthwhile. We’ll explore some of the key benefits of nonprofit video production. 

Use nonprofit video production to tell your story, increase awareness, and educate supporters.

Tell your organization’s story

Videos give you the opportunity to tell your story in your own words, using compelling imagery and footage to explain your mission and impact to the public. Create a video that gives an overview of why your nonprofit exists, which communities you serve, and exactly how you make a difference. 

Start with these ideas to tell your story effectively:

  • Explain your mission in-depth by starting with your nonprofit’s founding. 
  • Film testimonials from constituents, staff, volunteers, or supporters.
  • Use storytelling techniques to craft a compelling narrative, with an easily identifiable beginning, middle, and end.
  • End the video with a specific call to donate and guidance on how to make a contribution. 

When creating an organizational video, emphasize the impact your organization makes with the help of donors. 

Market your fundraisers

Adding video production to your marketing strategy can help you effectively promote fundraising events or campaigns and increase funds. Use footage from past fundraising events, or showcase the initiatives these funds will support.

Educate supporters on key concepts

Explain concepts that are important to your nonprofit’s activities with an animated explainer video. When supporters better understand the complex work you do and why, they’ll be more likely to donate. 

You can also use videos to raise awareness of your cause itself, using key statistics or providing updates on current events that impact your work. Or, explain a program that benefits your organization which your supporters may not know about, like these matching gift video examples from Double the Donation

Nonprofit video production companies

Many organizations choose to work with a nonprofit video production company to gain their expertise and reduce their staff’s workload. These companies work with your nonprofit to create a video marketing strategy that aligns with your goals, then complete each step of the video production process with your input.

Tectonic Video lists six top nonprofit video production companies that you can research to begin your decision making process. Choose a production company that will uphold your organization’s priorities and work with you to express your values in the most engaging way possible. 

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