Braedan Russell

Braedan grew up in Ontario and graduated from Brown University where he was recruited to play hockey before suffering a series of traumatic brain injuries that ultimately ended his hockey career. After losing hockey, he struggled for four years with debilitating post-concussion symptoms. Braedan went on to become an advocate for TBI & mental health and gave speeches to thousands of players and coaches. He co-founded Galea Health, a company dedicated to proactive mental health support for athletes. Galea has been featured in Time Magazine, Teen Vogue, and the BBC, among other outlets.

Braedan added to his healthcare portfolio by co-founding ExaCare with the mission of creating better health outcomes for seniors. Braedan knows first-hand what it means to hand over your care and wellbeing to others and how important the tools they are given is to having a positive outcome. ExaCare will allow these communities to offer their residents the highest level of care possible.