Dr. Naketa Jones

Naketa has engaged in business and workplace ethics for over 20 years.  Her research and practice involve workplace ethical standards, promoting diversity, and ensuring ethical accountability when utilizing employee selection tools. Naketa is deeply passionate about assisting companies, universities, and non-profit organizations in responsibly, inclusively, and ethically integrating AI, Autonomous, and Algorithmic systems.

Naketa is actively involved in numerous workgroups that aim to establish standards for algorithmic bias and artificial intelligence governance. She holds her EdD in Educational Leadership from Bowling Green State University, where she received a comprehensive education in the latest theories and practices in ethical leadership.

Currently, Naketa is an instructor at Baker College, where she teaches courses on critical writing and workplace ethics. Her years of experience and in-depth knowledge make her a sought-after speaker, educator, and consultant in the field of ethical AI and algorithmic systems.