Eric Moraczewski

Eric Moraczewski is a dynamic, seasoned leader that sets the tone at NMBL Strategies and in
turn, for NMBL’s extensive portfolio of clients. Whether it be Strategic Planning for Nonprofits to
Merger and Acquisition work for small businesses to turnaround work with Court-Appointed
Receiverships, his deep and varied experience make him a coveted leader to create
extraordinary change, growth, and success. With NMBL Strategies Eric has led the strategic
planning efforts for America’s Black Holocaust Museum and the International Association of
Black Actuaries, the project consulting for Thanks-Giving Square and Gate of the Xiang River –
International Design Competition, among many other projects. Eric took his background as a
global consultant, CEO and CFO to found NMBL Strategies in 2019 after leading the Gateway
Arch Park Foundation (Private Foundation responsible for providing $250 million of the $380
million project) through the largest Public-Private Partnership in National Park Service history.
NMBL was built to tie in Eric’s love of startups and turnarounds with data analytics, strategy
and finance blended through experience working with nonprofits, public-private partnerships,
and small businesses.