Hannah Hegman

Hannah, after many years in the non-profit event space, has come to know that events are her passion. She has had the opportunity to work with amazing companies and nonprofits to raise funds, strengthen the awareness of their brand, and build community. She is thrilled to be on the power team at Do Good Events, which is leading the way in innovative events that impact the community. Hannah loves the way Do Good Events values partnership and admires the passion that the team brings to every project. When she works on an event, she knows the stakes are high, and she is determined to bring her best to every aspect of the event in order to elevate it and bring the experience to the next level.

Hannah thrives on the unique challenges that each event presents and does whatever it takes to strategize, organize, and execute to overcome these challenges. She is energized by the excitement, business, and unique character of events. Living in her strengths is extremely important to her in her everyday life, and she feels blessed to have found a career that allows her to do this every day.

When she is not working on the next big event, you will find Hannah spending time with her husband, Dana, and their kids, Titus and Chapel. Her happy place is anytime spent on the lake, camping, or biking. When the winter keeps her indoors, she spends hours putting together puzzles, watching movies, and enjoying copious amounts of apple cider and tea.