Ian Cohen

A serial entrepreneur and performance coach, Ian Cohen began his career in the classroom teaching high school humanities in Metro Atlanta, where he was awarded Teacher of the Year and Coach of the Year. After seeing the opportunity gap firsthand, Ian left the classroom to serve as Cofounder and first Executive Director for the youth development non-profit Next Gen. Ian has also served as Regional Director for the Urban Leaders Fellowship, Co-Director of Fellowships for the Center for Civic Innovation, and now leads the EdTech company TARA as Cofounder/CEO.

TARA’s progress monitoring tools for special educators and upcoming communication app for school staff significantly reduce the burdens on teachers and leaders alike. Ian is also the Co-Creator of the Teacher Support Languages Quiz, a workstyle assessment for school leaders looking to better understand the needs and preferences of their teachers.

Ian is a passionate doer and strategic thinker who gains energy from supporting and connecting people. An avid reader, Ian is always ready with a good book recommendation and believes strongly in the power of mental performance training and technology to empower individuals anywhere.