Joey Goone

Joey’s journey with Utopia began in 2014 when he joined the team full-time, carrying on the incredible legacy of his beloved Mom, Jodi. In 2001, Jodi planted the seeds of this remarkable company, and even after losing her battle to cancer in 2013, her unwavering positive spirit and commitment to making a difference still shine brightly through Joey and the entire Utopia team.

Under Joey’s leadership, Utopia Experience has not only produced live, hybrid, and virtual events across the country but has also helped raise over $30 million for charities. For Joey, success isn’t just a business metric; it’s about leaving the planet better than he found it. His ultimate goal is to uplift those who’ve dedicated their lives to bettering the world.

Whether he’s orchestrating unforgettable events or spreading kindness beyond its boundaries, Joey’s drive to create a better world is his guiding star.