Kel Haney

Kel Haney is a Maine & NYC-based fundraising coach/trainer and a Senior Consultant at Donorly. During 18 years in the field, she’s personally made over 20,000 fundraising Asks and trained non-profit orgs to raise over $15M (primarily in donations under $2K), which inspired her 5-Minute Fundraising Ask Training Program. Kel’s work boils down to “Taking the Ick out of the Ask”: she’s passionate about shifting fundraising conversations away from transactional encounters and toward relationship-building opportunities. She spent 20 years as a theater director and her fundraising methodology is based on how she led a rehearsal room: focusing on what makes each of us unique and engaging. Kel’s worked with such organizations as: Berkshire Theatre Group, The Glimmerglass Festival, MCC Theatre, Signature Theatre, Manhattan Theatre Club, New York Theatre Workshop, Marin Theatre Company, BroadwayUnlocked, American Composers Forum, and RIP Medical Debt.