Lauren Batterby

Lauren Batterby was born and raised in Manchester, England. She is the CEO and founder of Life Event Staffing, providing specialized auction staff for fundraising and corporate events across North America, serving both the United States and Canada. With over 10 years of industry experience, Lauren’s expertise lies in fundraising events and silent auction technology. LIFE Event Staffing was established in 2021, with a small roster of 40 staff and 1 client, under Lauren’s leadership Life Event Staffing has grown to 650 staff, managing 7 silent auctions platforms, and organizing over 850 successful auction events in 2022. Another big addition to the team in 2022 was sweet baby Lucy, now 13-months old. Laurens daughter.

A word from Lauren: “I seek to leverage my career in fundraising by building relationships to strengthen my knowledge while learning from others. I believe that positive actions bring positive outcomes and I lead my company with empathy.”