Libi Berenson

Libi Berenson is a visionary woman entrepreneur, CEO, and Co-founder of Geenees, an innovative platform for in-kind giving that empowers donors to fulfill wishes for families in need. Her journey began 18 years ago as an officer in the Israeli Military and has since encompassed leadership roles at prominent companies, including Amazon and KOHO, where she achieved recognition as one of Canada’s Top 50 women in Fintech. Notably, Libi has been honored as one of the Top 10 Canadian women entrepreneurs to follow and has contributed to the board of the Society of Canada Women in STEM (SCWIST). Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, she is the founder of Elevex, a visionary venture studio supporting impactful startup founders. Libi is also a certified leadership coach and a dedicated mother of two. Her unwavering commitment to honesty, trust, and impact drives her to challenge the status quo and effect meaningful change in society.