Marianne Boules

Marianne Boules, MPP is the founder of Boules Consulting, a full-service social impact firm helping mission-driven companies win grants and contracts. Marianne received her bachelor’s degree in Public Policy from the University of California, where she graduated at the top of her class and then received a full scholarship toward her master’s degree in the same field. She started Boules Consulting shortly after graduating in 2018 after six years of working across a range of local government sector positions and in grant-funded programs. Throughout her experience as a public administrative professional, she learned to apply her inside perspective of specific funders to outside organizations seeking to partner. Since its founding, Boules Consulting has grown into a team of ten people working across various social impact causes. Together, they have raised over $32 million for impactful projects such as increasing health equity in BIPOC communities, advancing the electric vehicle revolution, and investing in underrepresented entrepreneurship.