Maureen Miller

Maureen has 20+ years’ experience in budget and financial management and is committed to developing and continually enhancing financial systems that increase efficiencies and impact, while supporting organizations to achieve strategic fiscal goals.

Maureen offers part-time CFO management and educational services focusing primarily on workshops, financial assessment, and budget & financial management, with the ultimate goal of reducing client’s FOF (fear of financials). She does this by supporting, coaching, and educating clients on how to map out an effective plan to create, understand, and manage their organization’s financial goals and metrics.

Maureen’s background includes 12 years as Finance & Administrative Director at a state-wide nonprofit, 16 years working with 3 different organizations (Sustainability Institute, Carsey School of Public Policy, and the Institute on Disability) within the University of New Hampshire system, and 7 years as a Financial Management Consultant for nonprofits and small businesses.