Bikeathons are a fun, creative way to raise money for your nonprofit.

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Hosting an a-thon style fundraiser is an engaging way to raise money for your nonprofit. In an a-thon fundraiser, participants collect donations based on their ability to do an activity as much or as long as possible. A bikeathon is a creative and scalable type of a-thon fundraiser that can attract a wide audience, plus it works for many types of organizations.

What Is a Bikeathon?

Also called a cycling fundraiser or cycle event, a bikeathon is a peer-to-peer fundraising event where participants ask friends and family to pledge donations based on how far they can cycle. As a peer-to-peer event, bikeathons involve individuals fundraising on an organization’s behalf. 

During a bikeathon fundraiser, participants share individual fundraising pages where friends and family can pledge their financial support. For example, supporters might pledge $1 per mile or lap around a track. The further the cyclist rides, the more money they raise for the cause they’re supporting, offering a fun athletic challenge. 

Benefits of Bikeathons

Bikeathons offer a unique and engaging way for supporters to raise money for your organization. They stand out among other fundraising events for several reasons:

  • Nonprofits of all sizes can bring in a lot of revenue, as anyone from avid cyclists to families with children can participate. 
  • Bikeathons attract participants of different ages and skill levels—all they need is their own bike or access to one for the day. 
  • Many organizations do walkathons, so doing a different type of a-thon style fundraiser makes yours stand out. 
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to bring in new donors. Friends and family members of your bikeathon participants that see their fundraising pages and pledge their support may be introduced to your organization for the first time. 

As participants promote their pages, they’ll also share information about your mission and potentially bring in new supporters. So, a bikeathon can help spread awareness as well as raising funds.

Bikeathons are a creative way to raise money for your nonprofit.

5 Steps to Host a Bikeathon Fundraiser

Hosting a bikeathon fundraiser can be broken down into five simple steps:

  1. Set a fundraising goal. What would you like to achieve with your fundraiser? How much money are you seeking to raise? Your goal should be specific and measurable. Looking at the outcomes of past events can be a helpful way to determine what might be achievable for your organization. 
  2. Plan the logistics. Planning should be done well in advance, ensuring you have time to complete all of your planned tasks. Consider the date and time of your event, staff and volunteer responsibilities, your race course, and marketing materials. 
  3. Register event participants. Promote your fundraiser and make signing up easy for supporters who want to bike in the cycle event.
  4. Launch the peer-to-peer campaign. Share fundraising page resources with your participants. Consider leveraging peer-to-peer fundraising software to set up individual donation pages and simplify campaign management. 
  5. Thank participants, donors, and volunteers. Build lasting relationships by sending thank-you letters and staying in contact after the event. 

During your bikeathon, you’ll have to manage a lot of moving parts. But if you plan strategically, your organization can successfully raise funds and bring your community together for a good cause.

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